Catch my Killer

Catch my Killer

At any given time in the world, there are thousands of unsolved murders. Most of them will never be solved. The first 48 hours of a homicide are the most crucial to an investigation. Eventually, leads dry up, witnesses become less cooperative, and cases go cold (unsolved). Meanwhile, detectives continue receiving new homicide cases which push older ones back.

After a case goes cold, it quickly becomes yesterday’s news. The public and the media forget about the crime and move onto the next crime story. However, the victim's family and friends never forget because their case is more than a case file or news story. The victims were sons, fathers, mothers, daughters, or friends.

Catch my Killer focuses on the victim's surviving family and friends who give a voice to those who no longer have one. If you are listening and can help bring a killer to justice, please call in your tips. Even the smallest clue could break a case wide open. Please be sure to visit my website for more information about my true crime columns at And if you're seeking justice for an unsolved homicide, you can complete the contact form. Please include details and links to your story.

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