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Great podcast with compassion.

Marc does a great job of interviewing with skill and compassion. Thank you for covering cases that may not be so well known but still should be solved. To the reviewer who complained about the commercials, I believe the ads are placed by the podcast network and not by the host.

Great podcast



You should cover the brutal murders committed by staff sergeant Robert Bales and the horrific murder of specialist Richard Thomas Davis. I don’t know how they’ve never been covered. Stay safe keep up the great work!


This is my favorite binge podcast. I love the human aspect added in and not just journalism. I need more! How about a update on some of the older ones?

Awesome podcast!

Just discovered you and I’m hooked! Can’t wait to binge!

Great podcast

Just found you & im hooked.

Great podcast

This is a great podcast. Host is very informative and guest interviews are not too wordy. Interesting cases are covered, especially the ones with not alot of fanfare.

Heartbroken for the families

As I listen to each story my heart breaks. I can even imagine the pain each and everyone has endured. This podcast is very detailed and heart felt in finding their loved ones.

Great podcast

This is one of my favorite podcasts I recommend it whenever I can 👍🏽 The subject manner is very informative and is handled with with concern for the victims